Dear Future Self

I made this post private at first and changed my mind when I was done writing it. It felt a little intimate to share, though I wouldn’t consider anything in this post to be over-sharing. I think I just felt a little vulnerable when I began this.

Hey me,

It’s me. Ya girl.

I was wondering why the idea of making my future self happy is important to me. Like, sure, you are me. We are one in the same, I’m sure some philosophers would argue against that but let’s ignore them for now. Here’s the thing, if I’m unwilling to constantly do what’s best for present me, then why do I care about future me so much?

Well, here’s one idea. I try to do good in the world. I do my best to never hurt the people around me and live an overall positive lifestyle. Again, arguments could be made to the actual effect of my life on my environment but let’s ignore that for now too. Future and me and current me are technically the same person, and we also really are not.

Future me will have formed so many new synapses, made new memories, forgotten old ones, changed her values, friends, life goals, etc. By and large she might as well be a totally different person than I am now. Do I really want to make her life harder? Not only am I hurting “someone else” but I also have to experience that pain firsthand.

At least, those were my thoughts during my 12-minute drive home.

With all of that being said. I want to try harder to make my future self, aka who this letter is written to, happier. I want to set her up for success. She’s been let down by a lot of people before, and I don’t want to keep letting her down.

There’s a lot in life I don’t have control over, but also so much that I do. I want to take the things I have control over and give them my all. If I grow as a person now the benefits will only compound.

Here’s to another new page in life and another chance to keeping growing.

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