Change and Stability

If I could pick up my life and move to a new city with nothing but a mattress and my cat every couple of years I would be incredibly happy. I have come to realize that I truly thrive under constant stress and change. That’s the fun way to put it at least. A harsher stance would be that I avoid stability and seek out change for the sake of change. Which also isn’t wrong.

Over time I’ve gotten better at knowing when I want change for the sake of change and when I want change in search of a challenge. Sometimes, the most challenging thing I can do is not change a thing about my current situation.

This kind of leads to a question I have for myself:

  • Do I want to lead a “stable” life?

Starting with the concept of stability. There are a couple of definitions for the word.

Firmly established, not changing or fluctuating, steady in purpose, firm in resolution

Do I want to be some of those things? Maybe. I think at the end of the day I find adaptability so much more valuable than stability, at least at this point in my life. I want to be firm in my resolution to be adaptable. I want change in my life that comes from a stable and present mind. Change for the sake of change doesn’t feel right anymore. I’ve learned this from experience. When I make substantial change now I want it to be after I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the reasons why.

I don’t want a stable life as much as I want a stable mind. I think that I’ve achieved that. So I allow myself to feel excited for my constant desire for change. I can trust that when I make a life-altering move it’s not a split-second decision.


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