A Gentle Reminder

It’s so easy to want to save our friends and loved ones from their own poor decisions or their fights with mental illness. We can’t save them though. Only offer support, love, and validation.

I know that I value empathy. Being an empathetic person is a defining characteristic of who I am. But sometimes I take it too far and take the problems of others and put them on my shoulders. I like to think that I can healthily cope with problems. It’s taken years of therapy, introspection, and discomfort for me to consider myself a healthy person.

If I try to take the struggles of my loved ones onto myself I’m not helping them grow. I’m stunting my own growth on one end, and only alleviating pain for a short period of time for them on the other end.

Learning to set boundaries for myself will be important as I continue to develop.

Thoughts on Failing, Vulnerability, and Risk

I’m not a person who is afraid of failing. By acknowledging what can go wrong and that failing is okay I give myself permission to take risks. Failure is exciting, it’s an opportunity to learn and grow.

This extrapolates to my personal relationships.

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